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Harold H. Horstmann


Dear Editor:

I'm writing in reference to the Oct. 10 Washington AP article on page A5 in the News Tribune: "Report details Trump's all-out bid to undo election results."

This piece is the ultimate in reporting by Trump-hating partisan hacks masquerading as journalists! All one has to do to recognize it as a Democrat/fake-news media hit piece is by the portion of the second paragraph statement: "The report released Thursday by the Democrat-run committee" which says it all and intelligent citizens should immediately ignore the entire article as propaganda!

It's unbelievable that the media totally overlooks the fact that the Supreme Court refused to hear a lawsuit filed by 18 States: "18 US states sue PA, GA, WI & MI over illegal voting, not fraudulent votes" ( "The case argues that under the US Constitution only the state legislatures can change the rules on voting procedures, not electoral officials and judges that allegedly did in all four states."

There should have been no reason other than political by a spineless and suspiciously partisan Supreme Court to hear and render a decision on this extremely important case to stop any future ambiguity on any election process. This failure to act will undoubtedly create more constitutional crises in the future and more distrust in our election processes.

The one thing we can count on is the fake-news Democrat-run media to continue to cover up any and all election fraud to support a Marxist Democrat take-over of our nation by hook or crook.

God save our Constitutional Republic from those seeking to destroy it!

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