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Wanda Roam

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

It's rather disturbing to listen to liberals trying to justify the insanity taking place under this administration.

One letter to the editor recently said he got emotional watching videos of returning soldiers with their families from the Afghanistan debacle.

Everyone who has a family member deployed is emotional and thankful when they return alive. I know I was when my family member returned.

However, he left out the gut-wrenching videos of the 13 caskets that were returned to their families because of the total ineptness and callous disregard for life (as evidenced by Biden's constant checking his watch while their bodies were unloaded) by this failed commander-in-chief.

Those 13 deserved to be returned home alive as well. He and the cover-up media failed to initially report his drone strike in retaliation killed an innocent man and seven children. Wow, that's what happens when you remove all intelligence capabilities from a terrorist country. But never fear, the cover-up media will kick into gear.

Another amusing LTE opined the News Tribune should not allow U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer to publish his opinions filled with lies (in his opinion).

How about all the liberal nonsense the News Tribune publishes daily? Of course, the liberals are the inventors of the cancel/censorship culture and cannot tolerate dissenting opinions anywhere near them.

We are dangerously close to a totalitarian country with these sensitive, offended people demanding their safe spaces.

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