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Charles Schroeder


Dear Editor:

Are the Democrats in the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House dumb, stupid, idiots? The answer is no, but what they are doing is.

The COVID relief bill is $1.9 trillion, but only 9 percent is for COVID relief. $430 billion to pay people not to work, another government welfare program. If a person wants to eat, they need to go to work.

Shut down the pipeline from Canada and gas prices have increased over $1.50 per gallon. Where will gas and fuel prices go?

Businesses, churches and schools were closed, but we've opened borders. Federal government bills dictate election laws, more government control. Forty-three states are now rewriting their state election laws. All states need to clean their voter registry and help prevent voter fraud. Many states are passing gun rights laws to protect our Second Amendment. If we lose our Second Amendment, we lose our Bill of Rights, our freedom!

Our present federal government wants to control us from birth to death. The Obama administration and Education Department were already preparing to rewrite all education material from preschool forward. Change our history, change our culture and change America. The present administration must also believe, as Obama, that the United States is a terrible, evil country.

No Constitution, no Bill of Rights, no freedom, no Democratic Republic. Our Founding Fathers were great people with great foresight. We were the Greatest country in the world!

This administration is taking our country down the road of destruction, and I am angry. No, I am mad as hell!

President Trump put America first. "Make America great." A government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Let American citizens, the workers, the business owners, the health care workers, the teachers, the farmers and the manufacturers live their dreams.

Even poor boys or girls can become successful if they believe in themselves, work hard, be truthful, trustworthy, respect the law, be the best they can be. Dreams can come true.

We do not need dictatorship, we need true American patriots in our government. We have a Constitution, a Bill of Rights.

Trust in God, not government.

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