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Lawrence Wansing


Dear Editor:

The letter "Dems double standard" appeared in the Feb. 28 edition of the Jefferson City News Tribune. It stated it was written on the day that former President Trump was being impeached. It stated how his kids and grandkids would fight, and he would tell them to "fight like hell and never give up."

That was supposed to be a comparison to the Jan. 6 insurrection and trashing of the U.S. Capitol by then-supporters and goons of then former President Trump. The letter advised them to go to the Capitol and fight like hell because Trump had won the election by a landslide and the election was stolen from him — all lies of course.

But to compare that fiasco to what little kids can do is an irresponsible and insane comparison. I would never advise my kids and or grandkids to revert to that kind of violence.

That can be the very reason we have so much violence and killing and shootings today among the young. I believe Trump had irrational motives for what he wanted his goons to do to the speaker and other members of the Congress, including then-Vice President Mike Pence. That's so he could be reappointed as president and illegally take over the government of the U.S. And he came within a hair of doing just that.

This letter also said there was no evidence presented at his trial. With all the TV footage that was shown over and over again, what more evidence was needed? It also said there were no witnesses. That also is insane. If one couldn't see the evidence you would have to be completely blind. Speaker Pelosi had no way to stop that chaos. And why should she — it was a legal meeting of the Congress of the U.S. Yes, the Dems are scared of Trump because he is so unpredictable — as should every American be because he will stop at nothing and no one (Not even Republicans know what he might do). He is an unpredictable dictator and will stop at nothing to get his way. Trump and Putin are two of a kind. And if Trump had won this election, Russian President Putin would be making regular visits to our White House. You could bet your last dollar on it.

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