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Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Throughout history, certain people's desire for absolute power became more important than the lives of the people they ruled. This never ended well, as wars wiped out total populations. It has been said, "if we don't know history, we are bound to repeat it." We are witnessing the destruction of the greatest, freest nation on earth — America! Founded on the principles that all men are created equal, so embedded that our patriots fought to defend those rights in other countries.

Now, those patriots are being silenced, harassed, punished for warning those less politically involved and those so indoctrinated by media that a government "freebie" is more important than living free. Conservatives warned you, can you claim ignorance now? Where do we run, when America falls to Marxism?

Matthew Lohmeier, a true, "brave" patriot, Air Force officer and commander in the Space Force, may suffer ramifications for exposing Marxism that has infiltrated the military, schools, government and almost every segment of our society. In his book, "Irresistible Revolution," he historically outlines Marxist' goals, which are: "abolition" of all ordered government, private property and inheritance, patriotism, the family, marriage, morality, children's education and all religion!

The globalists who purport these goals started in 1992 with a 500-page Socialist plan, Agenda 21, which is now called The Great Reset or Sustainable Development. A "redistribution plan" of America's wealth to all other countries just offered by Biden at the G7 Summit. Do we know what is deeply embedded in the 48 executive orders or monstrous spending bills he's signed?

If you cared about your freedoms, you'd be worried about the unvetted millions of illegals and deadly fentanyl crossing our borders daily. This administration's killing of gas, coal, fracking — how does the military defend a country without those critical components? Military patriots are weeded out if they don't show allegiance to Black Lives Matter's ideas that whites are privileged, America is racist and Black people are oppressed. Will they be used to confiscate citizens' guns? Democrats are racing to pass legislation to keep them in power forever!

Democrat spending will lead to inflation and perhaps the collapse of the dollar, since the globalists desire an International Monetary Fund currency. Can average Americans stand up to these corrupt globalists like Soros and Gates, so involved with China you have to wonder if this "Plandemic" and continually shutdowns are used because power is more important than people!

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