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Harold Horstmann


Dear Editor:

Could it be that the Biden/Harris handlers are going to do something right? Of course the Trump haters, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, wouldn't consider helping solve America's energy problem while Trump was promoting nuclear power for four years.

I reference a June 3 article by Tom Ozimek: "Bill Gates, Warren Buffett to Launch 'Game-Changing' Nuclear Power Plant in Wyoming" (

Could it be that the rampant ignorance displayed by the socialist Democratic Party, the puppet master pulling the strings on Biden, that solar and wind just won't cut the mustard? It's only taken 50 years for them to come around to the fact that the war on fossil fuels at the same time forcing the nation to convert to electric cars may create a problem and nuclear power could be the only reasonable, safe solution!

Will it take another 50 years for them to figure out their immigration policy of inviting anyone and everyone to come to America, being sold as the land of utopianism will also lead to disaster?

Oh well, the main thing these socialists think is important is destroying our American heritage, culture and constitutional freedoms and use us as guinea pigs to try to force America into a tyrannical Marxist nation. Of course if you're a part of the socialist government regime, you'll be rich and free with fences to protect you and that's all that matters to our ruling socialist Democratic Party.

We'd best learn to live with it unless we can purge the anti-American Marxists from our Congress and find another pro-American patriot like Donald J. Trump to lead us out of this mess.

God save our precious Constitutional Republic!

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