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Clayton Hill

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Recently on Fox News, Judge Jeanine Pirro said, "the demand for justice calls for actions actually outside the realm of law and order." That a former judge would speak so is profound. She detailed chaos, anarchy and lawlessness currently ongoing. She particularly dressed down Dr. Anthony Fauci for his part over the terms of seven presidents for lack of any meaningful responses to the many epidemics encountered and specifically for his January 2017 prediction of an infectious disease — a surprise outbreak — during the President Trump tenure.

His multiple, flip-flopping opinions on COVID-19 are nothing more than a continued effort to put himself in the limelight. He is the highest-paid public servant in federal government, but he has also enriched himself by sitting on boards and taking private personal funds on top of his inflated salary. Judge Pirro did not detail any methods suitable "outside the realm of law and order," so she is much like everyone else — all talk, no action.

I, and this letter are no better, as I present no plan of action either. If valid elections return, we can be sure changes in Congress will improve the legislature. Regardless of former President Trump's efforts, the swamp is still full of alligators and snakes (not to give reptiles a bad name).

Rogue judges, corrupt prosecutors and attorneys general, agency directors and lax and misdirected law enforcement at the federal level — and most of all those planning and funding these enemies of this nation — must be eradicated.

What plans of action was Judge Pirro pondering? Maybe she will elaborate soon. Lt. Gen. Flynn was asked about the coup in Myanmar and asked whether that was possible in the USA. He has denied that had implied a coup was in order. What other courses are there? It is time for true patriots to set the agenda and lead us through the swamp one alligator at a time. Time and our nation are wasting.

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