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Nelson Otto

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

The problem I see with the Citizens' Climate Lobby is that they push one thing more than anything else and that is the Carbon Tax Dividend. Many who support this think it is a real great way to make extra money and hurt the corporations in the process. It will do nothing to change the climate and will hurt everyone else in the process. Even Biden's aggressive plan will only make a change in temperature by 0.07 percent of a degree Fahrenheit, according to Gjorn Lomborg from the Copenhagen Consensus.

There are two very important things that we must all remember. One is climate predictions have all been wrong. Large parts of the world were supposed to be under water from the melting ice caps. Refugees were to flee flooding Florida to Missouri, yet people are flocking to Florida. Whole countries were supposed to disappear under water years ago and they are still there. How many times have we heard "only 10 years left." My friend hates snow, so he feels lied to every winter when he has to go out in it.

Two, if they are right, and they haven't been, then all the plans and proposals they are offering are insane. "Green" energy not only depends on the weather to operate but is vulnerable to it.

It would be pure madness to invest in such power sources if the climate/weather were to become as unstable as zealots claim.

Real solutions? Try thorium molten salt reactors (TMSR). They don't need the big containment buildings and a unit the size of a refrigerator produces one megawatt and they don't need to be refueled for 20 years or more. The next would be food — underground gardening is becoming popular, five acres underground can produce as much food as 250 acres above ground, water is recycled and it is safe from heat, cold, drought, storms, hail and, if properly planned, flooding.

If one wants to make a difference no matter the weather then these solutions that I have offered are the logical way to go. Contact your lawmakers and ask them to block the carbon tax and change the regulations to favor TMSRs and underground farming, or we could live as we have. We've already lived through 10 climate deadlines and are doing really well.

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