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Wanda Roam

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Has anybody seen Anthony Fauci or Andrew Cuomo lately? These were two darlings of the mainstream media at the beginning of coronavirus, but now that truth is coming out, it's hard for the media to continue to support or promote them without backlash from the knowing public. Where are they hiding? Kamala Harris is now known to have a toxic work environment that resulted in two of her top aides resigning when she made a cursory visit to El Paso, Texas, after pressure from both sides of the aisle and because former President Donald Trump was scheduled to visit the border with Gov. Greg Abbott. She spent more time at the airport than at the border itself. It was ridiculous that she chose El Paso rather than McAllen, where the real problem exists. It's easy to say there's no problem when you are not where the problem is.

Joe Biden must take a cognitive test to show us that he does not have diminished mental acuity. It was embarrassing, concerning and dangerous for our national security to see Jill Biden leading her husband around by the hand in his visit to the G-7. There are pictures of Jill Biden sitting at the president's desk on Air Force One on the way to the G-7. Is that another indicator that the job is too much for him? Also, very concerning were his "creepy whisperings" during a press conference at the White House about relief for families and the infrastructure deal. I'm sure our adversaries were greatly amused to watch this behavior from the man who is supposed to hold the most powerful office in the world. And, yes, they are watching very closely. Does anyone think that he is presenting a powerful picture of someone capable of making quick national security decisions to keep us protected from those adversaries? If you say yes, you are either naive and brainwashed by the mainstream media or you are lying to yourself.

If God does not intervene again there is no hope for America to remain the home of the free. The future generations will only know communism and a godless secular society and never experience the godly heritage passed down from our founders. What a sad future the left is willing to impose on the masses in order to complete the great reset, which is an anti-Christ agenda.

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