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Peggy Job,

Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

In order to express my concern, I am hopeful my latest correspondence with Congressman Luetkemeyer will be seen through another venue, as I have never received a single response from his office; not even the standard automated response that I always receive from Sen. Hawley's office.

Mr. Luetkemeyer,

I am currently watching the mother of a Parkland shooting victim paying tribute to her son. Why is she having to relive this nightmare? Because it has been brought before the public again because of the despicable actions of Marjorie Taylor Greene. I have been deeply disturbed by the actions of your (my former) Republican Party over the past few months, but this is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

I retired from teaching five years ago after 27 wonderful years in the classroom. My students were my life and my heart. How sad that the last few years of my teaching experience included training these precious children on how to react should our classroom come under attack.

Now we have a sitting member of Congress who not only makes light of these situations, but doubts and harasses its victims. The fact that you and other members of your party are not only looking the other way, but are welcoming her into the fold, and in all places, as a member of the education committee. Shame on all of you who condone her behavior by your silence.

I have written you in the past and am certain, as in every other instance, my words won't be read. I'm not sure why the email option exists, except perhaps to make people like myself feel better by putting our feelings into written words.

I had such hope for our country after Jan. 20, but must now face the reality that nothing is going to change. The loss of power and fear of Donald Trump far outweighs the conscience that it takes to do what is right. I fear for the future of my children and grandchildren.

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