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Curtis Thompson

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Tucker Carlson accurately stated that "Political violence begets political violence." We have seen it from both sides, most recently from angry Trump supporters frustrated that their claims of election fraud have not had a proper hearing where evidence can be presented and weighed. Their actions on Jan. 6 were outrageous, unjustified and unlawful. Those actions were preceded by political violence in Ferguson in 2014, in Washington in 2016 after Trump's election, Charlottesville in 2017, destruction of statues of famous people including Columbus, Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt and even Lincoln. Most of the defacing and destruction of public structures went unpunished. In 2020, we saw the upheavals in Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and other Democrat cities. The rioting and destruction of property also went largely unpunished. Even attacks on a federal courthouse in Portland went unpunished. Then the virus led to shutdowns and recession and further loss of personal freedoms.

Those riots by the left were excused, justified and even supported by prognosticators in the mainstream media, such as the quarantine busting Chris Cuomo, the perfidious Jake Tapper and the condescending Rachel Maddow, as well as elected Democrats. The left supported the slogan "defund the police." But now that the destruction is at the Capitol, they call for police and the police did their duty and are praised by the very leftists who had just called for their defunding. Recall how they mocked the president when the rioters nearly stormed the White House last summer?

With the left now in apparent control of Congress and the presidency, look for further calls for crackdowns on dissent from their political orthodoxy. Look also for a shutdown based on the false claims about the virus in an effort to control our lives. The social media sites will also try to control your lives. Get off Twitter, Facebook and any other site that controls your speech. A wise man said that "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

We cannot justify what the rioters did on Jan. 6, but we cannot justify the riots in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020. Cherish your freedom and turn to our Lord and Savior for personal redemption. Do not rely upon elected officials for your salvation. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life, and He is the only way to salvation. May God protect the United States!

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