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Dear Editor:

Missouri can be very proud and fortunate to have U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley. The senator has vigorously confronted Democrat socialists, big business monopolies and even the Republican establishment. U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler also is to be complimented not only for supporting Sen. Hawley's efforts but has led awareness of China's dangerous movements.

There was fraud in the election of Biden. The question is how much and by who. As a result of this fraud, Missouri will suffer major economic loss. The political issue is not about climate change, racism or health insurance. The issue is solely about money.

Democrat cities and states are desperate for multitrillion-dollar bailouts. The news media, television, social media and national press are based in these states and cities.

Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Wall Street and other large companies want a presidential administration they can control. Low middle-class wages and uncontrolled immigration result in huge income for big business, which is probably why stocks continue to rise.

The bailouts and radical social programs will necessarily be nanced by shifting funding from Midwestern states and certainly Missouri. Taxes must rise dramatically and the national debt will go out of control. The Biden-promised increase in corporate taxes will be passed on to consumers, creating ination. This is just simple math.

Another conrmation is what happened to destroy the Missouri highway programs is an exact pattern the national Democrats used. Past fuel tax increases were based on a commitment to spend fuel taxes where collected. St. Louis political leaders, contractors, and news media used fake news to kill the program and redistribute billions of dollars to St. Louis. St. Louis enhanced their take by creating a multi-billion dollar state bonding program for which Mid-Missouri will be paying for many years. Mid-Missouri has lost more than $500 million that, for example, would have dual-laned U.S. 50, U.S. 63 and U.S. 54. Traffic deaths and many injuries resulted on these and other highways. State legislators did not resist as most national legislators do not want to investigate election fraud.

Sen. Blunt surfaced briey from the Washington swamp to push for Biden. Where is his accountability to serve Missouri?

Bankrupt states, cities and large businesses seeking even higher prot have no problem in bankrupting our country to achieve their goal. President Trump was an obstacle to their success.

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