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Dear Editor:

Protesters attacking the Capitol should be identified before disparaging any group for violent actions. Was this not more akin to the behavior of Antifa or Black Lives Matter protesters than law-abiding conservatives? How is it that the mainstream media called last year's burning/looting of businesses, government buildings and autonomous zones from coast to coast, "Peaceful Protests?" The hypocrisy is completely outrageous and will divide our country even further if there are two systems of justice.

More hypocrisies to consider: Socialist/communist countries have collapsed, yet capitalism was rejected for those forms of government. Our country just experienced an economic catastrophe in closed/burned-out businesses and schools, but can afford to open our borders and pay for all illegals housing, food, healthcare, education and crime.

America is No. 1 in energy production, but fossil fuels should be eliminated for mandated electric homes and cars for the 300 million households, costing $100,000-plus each, when most people have no savings or less than $1,000. Vaccines may be mandated here, while diseases of millions of entering illegals ignored. Criminals' guns are OK, but citizens' guns for protecting their families are not! There's no money to fix America, but trillions for other countries!

People who have never owned slaves should pay for people who have never been slaves (another $6-plus quadrillion). Democrats, who say they believe in law and order, set up sanctuary cities, have no-bail policies, defunded police departments and threaten to imprison police trying to carry out their life-threatening jobs. Yet, it is OK for George Soros to fund these policies throughout the country that release murderers, rapists, etc.

Democrats say they are for the Constitution but want gender-neutral words removing mother, father, son, daughter, etc. for pronouns and will allow pretending women (males) to compete in women's sports events.

It was OK for Joe Biden to blackmail the president of Ukraine, yet impeach Trump to inquire about it. It was OK for our top government departments to perpetrate a costly four-year Russian hoax on Trump, but not one penny investigating the hundreds of sworn affidavits on 2020 voter fraud. It was OK for mainstream media to block Bobulinski's report proofing Joe Biden illegally received funds from Communist China!

We're experiencing an upside-down world. Wake up, Titanic-America hit an iceberg and is sinking fast, and you will never get her back!

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