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Dan Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Reference News Tribune AP article (12/27/2020) "Despite smooth election, GOP leaders seek vote restrictions."

I had to scratch my head when I read this article because I personally listened to hours of testimony by honest, hardworking Americans; poll volunteers, USPS workers, contractors that said clearly they didn't think the election was so "smooth."

There were stories of ballot-filled trucks and suitcases found/counted in the dead of night; boxes of mail-in ballots appearing with no folds in pristine condition, appearing to be duplicated/copied ballots with identical computer-generated black marks for Biden but no down-ballot votes; dead people, out of state residents, unverifiable return addresses on ballots and non-citizens having voted; mysterious late-night halting of vote counting in key states only to find the counting didn't really cease; and software that produced statistically unbelievable results.

Yet, Republicans that ask questions are attacked. Dana Nessel, Michigan's attorney general, is contemplating legal charges against Republicans that keep digging at the state's election process. When Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson calls holding hearings on voting irregularities "ill-advised" and "political theater," you have to wonder.

Just as the president and many experts had predicted the unprecedented and arguably illegal last-minute changes to numerous state voting procedures resulted in confusion and consternation over the validity of literally millions of votes. COVID-associated concerns justified throwing out safeguards put in place over decades. Despite Republicans promoting voter ID, ballot controls and the like, free-floating, uncontrolled blank ballots using outdated voter registration rolls, were mailed everywhere. Validation of signatures will protect the system, they said; in the end most states completely ignored an already flawed signature validation process, postmark dates, any safeguard whatsoever yet it was a "smooth election."

Thanks to certain outlets the election hearings weren't hidden; their veracity exposed. It's time that organizations like the Associated Press and other elements of the so-called MSM attempt some modicum of honesty. The writers were quick to quote Republicans who were supportive of accepting the election results but failed to garner a single Republican that refuted the results, and there are many. The message is not even subliminal; Democrats want more mail-in voting and less accountability to protect this sacred right. This article is pure left-wing propaganda. Telling one side of a story is not telling the truth.

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