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Tom Ault

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Before television, the movie-theater cost was a dollar or less, the theater was full, and it was good entertainment. Now, a totally different story. Few can afford the luxury.

I could not help but question the writeup in our Dec. 30 News Tribune which, in my opinion, could have been an advertisement suggesting, using a back door type of dialogue, it might be good to start using the modern movie theater rather than stay at home.

Where are these futuristic theaters located? I don't think that they are here. Why would anyone pay the exorbitant price theaters charge, then add to it overpriced food and drink, just to lay back in a recliner that someone you don't know just got up from, to watch a movie in which the sound is so loud it could cause deafness if your ears are subjected to it on a regular basis.

The article suggests it is, or was, or can be, a fantastic place to go. They seem to be a lot different than our local theaters. Admittedly, I rarely attend the movie theaters anymore. It is apparent I am not alone as the few times I have attended our "modern" theaters (which are nothing like the ones described in the newspaper) the eight to 10 other attendees, that are there, do not equal the amount of customers indicated in the article.

Why, if one wants to have a lot of food, would they wish to go to a place where the sound is so loud that a glass might break from vibration, the food could tumble from the tabletop due to the fake vibrations that are all caused by the new technology designed to hopefully make you feel like you are in the scene yourself?

If you want to lay down in a recliner chair, why not stay home next to the refrigerator, microwave and refrigerator where the food is much cheaper, the guests, if any, are people you want to be with, and you can pause the show to go to the restroom, kitchen or answer the door or phone while not missing a thing? You could just have the streaming option at half of the theater price and get a lot more shows at home? Why spend the dollars, especially now, during this declining income period of time?

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