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Steven Brown

Holts Summit

Dear Editor:

An AP article — well, a hit piece on the environment — was in the NT on Feb. 19. It's an article on a UN's report on changes in society needed to keep nature, the earth, OK. Whatever or whoever gets to decide what "OK" means and for whom is yet to be determined.

The report says: "calls for changing what governments tax, how nations value economic output, how power is generated, the way people get around, fish and farm, as well as what they eat." President Joe Biden said China is a great role model.

The report also "calls for an end to fossil fuel use and says governments should not tax labor or production but rather use of resources that damages nature." Guess that green new deal getting rid of fossil fuels is looking better and better to liberals. Well, maybe not in Texas where the snow covered the solar panels and the ice froze the wind turbines.

We have a president now who does not believe in America first as did former President Donald Trump. Biden is a one-world-order guy. Our southern borders have now been opened, as the liberals promised.

I have news for the UN. The U.S.A. has this thing called the United States Constitution that tells us the way we can get around, how we tax, fish and farm. Now if we the people can just get Joe Biden and his crowd to abide by it. Good luck.

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