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Curtis Thompson

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Vice President Kamala Harris has learned from her titular boss, President Biden, how to repeatedly lie and not get called out about it from her adoring mainstream media, which apparently includes this newspaper because I have never seen an article about her falsehoods in it. She was named by Biden to be "in charge" of the border crisis more than a month ago and has not even visited the border with Mexico. When asked about that inaction she usually ignores the question, but recently she claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented her from traveling to the border or to countries in Central America. However, a study of her itinerary since being assigned the task of solving the crisis, shows that she has traveled at least 10 times throughout this country, including to New Hampshire at the Northern border! She doesn't go to the Southern border because either if she goes, voters will expect her to solve the problem, or New Hampshire has the first primary, and she expects to be a candidate for president in 2024.

She recently claimed that climate change, including two hurricanes that hit the region of the Northern Triangle, caused the crisis, despite the fact that illegal border detentions have included people from countries in Africa and Asia, and even people on the terrorist watch list from Yemen and Serbia have been apprehended. Illegal immigration has been decades in the making, dating back at least to President Reagan's terms. The border crisis is no more created by "climate change" than the moon is created out of blue cheese, or that Biden will govern in a bipartisan manner as promised Jan. 20.

The number of monthly apprehensions of illegal border crossings had fallen to 16,182 in April 2020. Last month, the Biden administration made 172,331 Border Patrol apprehensions, more than a tenfold increase.

Please recall that the Biden administration refuses to refer to the border crisis as a "crisis." Also, Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Control Council, has stated that Biden is the biggest threat to women and children in the region because of his refusal to initiate real actions to stem the tide of illegal immigration and his ending Trump's border wall. If Biden truly wants to prevent violence on women and children, he would replace Harris with someone willing and able to take on the challenge of border security.

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