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Daniel Kliethermes

New Bloomfield

Dear Editor:

Well the Democrats are at it again. Now they are wanting to pass a $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill that is too expensive and will not accomplish anything. It was said it is a Trojan horse that will destroy this country.

The Democrats for years have been stockpiling the budget with no accomplishment and spending as freely as a young child when he has a dollar to spend. Do Americans not see what is happening, or do they just not care? Well, a good majority of us see what this is going to do to this nation, and it will keep getting worse.

Politicians in Washington just spend without caring what the consequences will be because it will not affect them so much as it will middle-class people.

Right now is not the time to be spending money we don't have on infrastructure — we have problems with immigration, race issues and a number of other things that we need to worry about before we spend money on numerous things that in my opinion we can worry about later.

We have a president who has no clue how to stop the influx of migrants to this nation, and we have a vice president who laughs at the border issue. She has no idea what to do.

Biden has not even made a trip to the border to see his ignorant decision to open the borders, which will be a burden to American taxpayers.

We have a vice president who has not made the trip either or has not had a news conference about the situation at the border for 22 days, because she doesn't know what to say to the news media.

If that would be President Trump with this problem, the news media would have been all over it. But this is what the Democratic voters wanted. And I still believe President Trump won the election by a landslide. In my opinion, the Communist Democrats of the nation's capital will definitely destroy this country. God help us all and future generations.

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