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Mel Kallal

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Readers of the News Tribune are privy to an amazing amount of information about COVID-19, including history, causes, state-by-state data, and oh yes, how to best survive and manage our lives.

We are at a crossroads in the fight to solve the COVID problem, not only in the U.S. but also in the world. We are just plain tired and ready to open the gate for greener pastures. My estimates may be off a few digits, but after shortages have been solved, largely by industry, the U.S. and my state are stuck in the spring mud. We are now "proud" 30-35 percent of eligible citizens have raised their sleeves for a vaccine.

If 30 percent polled are having doubts about the vaccine, why haven't we attracted the missing 30 percent who want to get the vaccine? Missouri has something to prove, or does it? Ironically our HIC (Health Industrial Complex) spends millions on TV and other advertising when they wish to introduce a new practice (e.g., emphasis on flu shots) now, when huge amounts of taxpayer funds are available. We seem unable to manage extended hours for vaccinations, yet I believe we did so for COVID testing. I suppose we are too tired and exhausted to figure out how to equip ERs around Missouri if only to enable 10, 20 or even 50 Missouri citizens to raise their sleeves for a COVID shot.

I've heard several reasons why we can't do this. This is Missouri. Harry Truman would figure it out. Here's one suggestion: In addition to large centers for COVID vaccination, make the most active centers (yield: more raised sleeves) operate 10 or 12 hours daily, such as we do for elections. Our Missouri National Guard men and women could help in select locations. ERs in five to six large cities would maintain small but appropriate amounts of vaccine that do not require very cold refrigeration. Smaller communities with similar ERs could be identified. These are 24-hour operations.

Now, for the money argument. Thanks to our friends in Washington, D.C., that is not the problem. I am known for my hare-brained ideas. Show me, Missouri!

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