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Harold H. Horstmann


Dear Editor:

I feel documentation should be a part of all LTE opinions when those opinions are obviously from any ideologically driven commentary. I say this because of the flood of outlandish, incomplete, untruthful and misleading statements from the leftist Marxist ideologically driven biased media so prevalent in our national discourse and implied as fact in LTEs.

I refer to two letters published March 28: “Next attempt to steal elections” and “Irresponsible, insane comparison.” Both letters were published with no documentation to verify any of the many undocumented, untruthful statements in both letters.

A quote from one letter: “There was no evidence of massive fraud by mailed votes that caused him to lose the election.” In response, I refer to a two-hour video production: “My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell’s ‘Absolute Proof’ Documentary” ( Much of this evidence was available, documented and supported by subpoenaed individuals but suppressed by the leftist biased media and all branches of government. Anyone who is interested in the truth regarding what occurred in primarily the battleground states will be shocked as to what took place in the 2020 election!

The other letter, which suggests Trump was responsible for the Jan. 6 mob attack on Capitol, is also just an extension of the leftist distortion of the true facts to assist the Democrat lust for power. If one is serious about learning the truth, I offer this indisputable evidence of what Mr. Trump said on his Jan. 6 speech at the Capitol: “Read: Former President Donald Trump’s January 6 speech” ( It is 15 pages so it may take some time. I challenge anyone to find the quote(s) whereby Trump in any way suggested anyone mob the Capitol or initiate any violent action or property damage or insurrection in any way. I wonder if anyone will take the challenge.

In contrast, I wonder why Chuck Schumer wasn’t even censured, much less impeached, by his threats to SCOTUS justices. ( It seems that if Democrats say “fight like hell” or make threats, it’s praised by the Democrats and their leftist media enablers as heroic.

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