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Daniel Kliethermes

New Bloomfield

Dear Editor:

It will never stop: People might think I am a racist but I am fed up with every time a derogatory statement is made about a Black person either somebody gets fired from their job so the company or news organization can keep the public trust, even if the statement was an accident.

Now they want to place the statue of a Black girl who staged a strike in 1951 over unequal conditions at her segregated high school in Virginia. So you tell me this is not racism to replace a statue of the most famous rebel general, Robert E. Lee.

The Democrats will do anything to keep their precious seats in Washington. That is all that they worry about; they could care less how it affects white Americans, which I am proud to be one. In 2020, the Southern Poverty Law Center, no different than the ACLU, which are both in my opinion racist organizations out to destroy white America, have taken down at least 160 Confederate statues. What do they expect to gain from this, the Confederate statue will always be a part of white history. You can't erase the past.

Like I said in my previous letter, what do they know about what happened back in the 1800s. What did they do, have a vision or something? Why don't they move on with their lives instead of living in the past and better themselves without crying every time something is not right or they don't like it. I know some of you might think I am a racist, but I sick and tired of what is happening to America. The Black community thinks white people owe them. Well, maybe it is about time that they stand on their feet and change things without violence unless that is all they know to gain attention. The media fuels this fire anytime there is a Black situation and that is why there is so much violence in America.

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