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Donna Bernskoetter

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Watching videos of Rand Paul and others leaving the RNC, and watching them mobbed and verbally assaulted was appalling.

Inconsiderate and non-peaceful crowds around the White House did their best to make noise and disrupt the RNC. Thank God for the police!

These people who harass are the same ones who riot, burn and trash businesses who had nothing to do with the shootings in the past months. Do you see the conservatives doing this to others? You have the occasional but rare attack on abortion clinics by someone who is pro-life, but violence is never condoned by the pro-lifers.

Why is there so much purposeful destruction, and no one on the left stands up in outrage? Justifying destruction and looting on innocent people is like saying, "My sister made me mad so I trashed the house of my neighbor." Dumb! Does it have anything to do with the complete absence of the mention of God at the DNC, which Herschel Walker, former football player, mentioned in an interview.

It is out of hand, and of course, our president gets blamed for everything. If I belonged to the party responsible for this, I would be embarrassed at the behavior of those who pillage and burn, and I would drop allegiance to them immediately. Some of those people have been rioting for months! We need to ask them to please stop, go home and get a job! Many leaders are doing the best they can to enact laws to change things for the better.

On the mask issue, the left says it's idiocy that they weren't wearing them outdoors at the RNC, but you don't need to wear masks when you riot. "Do as I say, not as I do."

Also, something to ponder regarding the issue of "equality" in jobs, and making one hire a certain percentage of different races or colors whether they are the most qualified or not. What if they applied that rule to professional football and basketball players? Football has 68 percent Black players and basketball has 74 percent Black players. Why? They are great ball players, that's why! What if the rules were changed so that you would have to reduce that number? Businesses (and teams) should hire on skill and competence. And by the way, professional sports people need to stay out of politics. It is only hurting them.

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