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Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Robert Mueller and recent Senate Intelligence Committee investigations found "no collusion" between Donald Trump's campaign and Russia. Mueller knew this in 2016, but extended the investigation greatly affecting the 2018 election. Mueller turned the obstruction decision over to Rod Rosenstein and William Barr, who found Trump innocent. Recently, an FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, pleaded guilty to altering a Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act court application that repeatedly allowed the spying and intended entrapment of Trump associates. It was Hillary Clinton who paid for the "Russian dossier!"

The International Monetary Fund instructed Trump to withhold aid to Ukraine. They planned a raid on Ihor Kolomoysky's PrivatBank and Burisma, where Hunter Biden worked. According to #Ukraine Final Piece, George Soros and Barack Obama "lost/laundered" $7 billion U.S. dollars through PrivatBank. Documents were sent to Senator Chuck Grassley and Ukraine got aid immediately after raid.

The House, rushing the impeachment didn't use subpoenas to call critical witnesses. Democrat lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley found no basis for charges leveled against Trump.

Intelligent people demand investigations before concluding the guilt or innocence of anyone, which has been completely ignored by paid protestors. The burning, looting, killing, all in Democrat-controlled cities were "not peaceful" and was allowed by Democrat leaders to blame Trump and effect the 2020 election.

William Barr on "Face the Nation" on June 7 said he called for protestors to be pushed back, so firemen could extinguish the fires set to burn St. John's Church and the Treasury. Three warnings were given and pepper spray was used, not tear gas, as 150 federal officers had been injured with bricks etc. that weekend. Trump stood at the church in deviance against "mob-rule" while Nancy Pelosi Democrats donned Kente cloth scarves to further politicize events.

Joe Biden told Ady Barkan, he would "absolutely redirect funds" (same as defunding) from police departments. This was supported by 30 other Democrat leaders! Biden, to get the votes of Bernie Sanders supporters adopted his 110-page Socialist takeover of America.

A Pew Research noted 24 million "active voter registrations are inaccurate, cities voting over 100 percent have 2.5 million votes and California has not cleaned voter rolls in 20 years."

With an "R'' and "D" representing the parties on the back of mail-in ballots, a unionized postal worker could easily throw an election! DeJoy dispelled all Democrat claims of postal corruption/delays!

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