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Tom Ault

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Our future depends on it.

We, as a community of people, have become so entangled in hatred, mistrust, miscommunication, and foolish irritation that we have lost sight of how wonderful our country is. We are allowing many people who are either not educated or have been taught how to hate the hand that feeds them to disrupt our universal way of life.

Those that are doing the shouting, the rioting, and the destroying of anything they don't own, are the minority, not the majority! They have refused to acknowledge how far we have come from our country's beginnings. Are we perfect? No, we are not. Are we moving in the right direction? We were, before the pandemic that has allowed deception to take hold of us.

I have looked at my own life to discover that the problems I had were self-created through lack of planning, lack of knowledge, or sometimes just lack of energy and foresight. It was always so easy to relieve my mindset by blaming someone else, or some circumstance, rather than taking the responsibility of taking the blame for my own circumstance. I suppose I am the only one in that category, right?

We have a country that God truly made for us and some wish to destroy it. It would be impossible to know how many of our terrible fires, and perhaps many floods that have been caused by man's lack of caring or too many times, man's greed.

It is time to take our country back. This does not mean by force! If the media would report all sides of a story, if the news anchors would stop pushing their standards on "we the people," all of us would be better off. It is almost impossible to read anything that the large newspapers and many network affiliates print or say since they seem to point out only the side they agree with and apparently believing the majority of us are too blind or ignorant to understand the facts.

Let's once again treat each other as equals. We started that years ago, and many strides forward have been made, but apparently forgotten. Think, search, and then welcome the change that will happen. All of us will be happier and more fullfilled. Try God!

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