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Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Republicans may win the battle of getting Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court, but America could lose the war! Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have refused to answer the question if they would "stack the Supreme Court" and remove the filibuster. Chuck Schumer indicated Democrats would take "any" action necessary to move their agenda forward; even giving statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico and changing the Electoral College. These are the "arrows in the quiver" that Democrats will take to gain power, removing our freedoms and we will "never" get our country back, under their "one-party rule!"

Do Americans know the transformation of their country to a radical Socialist/Communism regime could be weeks away unless people wake up? We should recall what Nikita Khrushchev said at the United Nations in 1959: "You Americans are so gullible; we will feed you small doses of Socialism until you wake up and have Communism. It won't take a war; democracy will cease to exist when you take from workers and give to those who don't!" Here's how Socialism leads to Communism.

First, you give government control of health care — done. Second, you control people by increasing poverty levels with higher taxes and regulations. Third, you increase debt to an unsustainable level (open borders and free health care, education, housing for illegals — free, free, free). Fourth, gun control removing peoples' ability to defend themselves from government. Fifth, welfare covering food, housing, guaranteed income making people totally dependent on government. Sixth, control education, the media and change history (statues removed, the 1619 project). Seventh, remove the belief of God from government/schools. Eighth, class warfare — tax the wealthy to support the poor. Ninth, defund police, have no bail policies and sanctuary cities — lawlessness prevails. Tenth, control energy sources, the New Green Deal.

Are you awake now? These are Biden/Harris' proposals and why the media attacks President Trump nonstop! They say he mishandled the virus, yet from age 1-69 over 99.5 percent survive, and Trump offered Rejeneron, which restored his health, free to all virus patients. We ignore suicides and deaths from shutdowns. Pelosi's stimulus has funding for "illegals," no voter ID, universal mail-in voting and ballot harvesting and bailouts for destroyed Democrat cities. Trump has CARES money for the unemployed, businesses and airlines, etc. ready, but Pelosi realizes stopping this stimulus will be blamed on Trump and refuses negotiations!

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