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Joseph Salcedo,

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

It should be painfully obvious by now we have received poor leadership during this pandemic from President Trump and Gov. Mike Parson. After more than a quarter of a million Americans have died, Trump has refused to spend as much time and effort to control the pandemic as he has to spreading misinformation and conspiracies about the election he lost. To make matters worse, Sens. Blunt and Hawley refuse to support a second stimulus package.

I have a complaint or an opinion about this newspaper in the manner in which the news is managed. The editorial page has a columnist on a regular basis out of Arkansas who sells right-wing conservative views and denigrates the progressive left. In my opinion, the newspaper gives lip service to providing fair and balanced news. There are times the conservative columnist George Will provides a better description of the difference in the political parties without denigrating the left.

In my opinion, this newspaper promotes the cult of Trump when the paper prints the views of their right-wing conservative columnists. I am only one of two folks on our block who take the paper. One of my neighbors said, "If I want to clip coupons, I will get them from an ad shopper for free."

Trump is doing everything he can to leave a big mess for the Biden administration to clean up. I expect the right-wing conservative columnists will ignore that fact. You have to hand it to Trump, he accomplished in one term what it usually takes a Republican president two terms in office to accomplish — high unemployment and increased numbers of Americans homeless and jobless.

I would urge this newspaper to stop providing political cover for Republicans and encourage them to put the welfare of the people above their partisan politics. Gov. Parson needs to follow the example of over 30 other states and implement a mask mandate statewide. The election is over, and Parson doesn't need to worry about offending all the Trump voters who voted for him.

Unfortunately, I believe we have not heard the last of Trump. It appears he is going to use the millions of dollars his supporters are giving him to carry on his un-American activities.

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