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Chris Krautmann

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Catholicism is not a diverse assortment of discretionary beliefs.

While proclaiming to be Catholic, Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other prominent, nominal Catholic Democrats have embraced the oxymoronic position that there is no inherent conflict between their personal faith and their support for unrestricted abortion. They use the deliberately deceptive excuse that they cannot impose their personal beliefs upon a majority non-Catholic nation. It is intellectually inconsistent that Mass-going, baptized Catholics fiercely promote the paganistic practice of abortion while publicly professing their own religiosity. Catholic teaching clearly stigmatizes abortion as inherently evil. Sadly, pro-life Democrats must now worship the golden calf of abortion as a litmus test for membership in the Democratic Party.

Equally sad is that complicit clergy have consistently hidden behind a heretical "seamless garment" argument that conflates non-negotiable, intrinsically evil moral doctrines like abortion with weighty, yet resolvable issues like climate change, immigration, poverty, and health care. Negotiable issues combined do not cause the human carnage of innocent life being torn apart inside and outside the womb. The right to life is the foundational basis for all other human rights. Entire voiceless generations have been lost to abortion— generations that might hold the key to solving the negotiable issues.

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, one of a handful of stalwart Catholic shepherds, stated that voting for pro-abortion Democrat Joe Biden would require "a proportionately grave reason that outweighs the killing of 860,000 babies per year." The Catechism of the Catholic Church proclaims "we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them," either directly or indirectly. Knowingly voting for someone who promotes an intrinsic evil constitutes cooperation in that evil. The killing of unborn children is a criminal offense against social justice and human rights, and a "non-negotiable" issue for Catholics.

What proportionately grave reasons could justify voting for pro-abortion candidate Joe Biden and his radically infanticidal running mate, Kamala Harris? How is it possible to minimize the gravity of slaughtering innocent, pre-born children so a Catholic could justify voting for the one party that embraces this conscience-numbing, soul-destroying practice as part of its official party platform — a platform that now favors forcing its religious-like commitment to the wickedness of human extermination on Catholic and Christian citizens through taxpayer funding?

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