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Steven Brown

Holts Summit

Dear Editor:

An Associated Press article in a recent Monday NT page A5 leads off: "After a brutal year of trying to save the sick and burying the dead, news of Joe Biden's ascension to president-elect came to some as a glimmer of hope that an end to the coronavirus misery might be in sight." Pardon me a moment while I contain my gag reflex.

This election was fueled by hatred of a person. Not by party, love or loyalty, but hatred fueled continuously by the press and the liberal Democrats. No thoughts of promises made and promises kept, just hatred. COVID-19 deaths were blamed on President Trump. Even the name, China Virus, which it is, was declared politically incorrect. People blamed President Trump directly for the deaths of their family members. That is nothing other than blind hatred.

The news this morning stated that a vaccine, not a cure, will be available by the end of the year. That is the result of President Trump's removal of restrictions and turning our free market loose developing it. Be assured, he will not get the credit when it is available.

Science and facts have proven that shutting down the country did not help. Common sense, such as in South Dakota and Sweden, does wonders. The joke of the day was wait until after Nov. 3 and watch the virus disappear. It will never disappear. We need to deal with it like we do cancer, common cold and heart disease and go on with living. Man up, America!

With the news barraging people daily of how many dead and infected and that President Trump was not following the "science," I don't fault people for hating Trump. Keep these things in mind; it's the "practice" of medicine, not the "science," and Dr. Anthony Fauci was not elected. You will get the government you deserve.

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