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Harold H. Horstmann


Dear Editor:

This battle to take over our election process to force an outcome by an anti-American cabal made me think of the comparison of this threat to our freedoms being similar to that of what George Washington fought for in the Revolutionary War. I am no history scholar by any means, but I do know enough to, in my mind, relate the comparison with Trump's view of this battle to protect our constitutional guaranteed freedoms with the same fervor as George Washington had to create our Constitution to guarantee our freedoms!

George Washington was a businessman who had a lofty cause to fight the tyranny of a government taking advantage of the hard-working people of the day and created a following of common folks to fight for his cause. Donald Trump is a businessman who through his business dealings experienced, like George Washington, a tyrannical government like the foot on the neck of every hard-working individual and decided to do something about it. Both were very successful and absolutely did not need the job of disrupting the establishment.

Washington assembled an army of common folk. Trump assembled an army of common folk (commonly known as deplorables, chumps, etc.). Washington's army had guns and walked everywhere. Trump's army has guns but show their force in vehicles and boats. Washington had to cross the Delaware to win a most important battle in his war. Trump has to win an election in Pennsylvania as his most important battle in his war.

The historical similarities, to me, are uncanny, but of course, there are huge differences due to the difference in the period. Washington had one enemy, England, which had the best-equipped military in the world. Trump has to fight not one, but multiple well-financed organizations. These organizations are intent on protecting their status quo and ability to increase their power and economic status. The largest is the U.S. government bureaucracy, referred to as the swamp. The supporters of the swamp being the Democrat Party, their electronic, print and social media corporate sycophants limiting freedom of and controlling speech, Chamber of Commerce corporations who care more about trade with our enemies first and foremost the Chinese Communist Party, all of which determined to win the war against Trump.

God save our precious Constitutional Republic!

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