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I want to thank all of my constituents for the honor you have bestowed upon me to represent you in the 59th District. I am constantly reminded that with that honor comes the responsibility to serve. That entails not only showing up at the Capitol but keeping informed of the bills that are going to be in my committee and on the floor. It also requires that I stay active in the community and informed of the issues that my constituents have. During the next two years, if you have anything that you think I should attend to be better informed, please call me.

To all the citizens of the State of Missouri, I want to congratulate you on the large participation in the election and the manner in which everyone conducted themselves. We are part of the greatest country in the world. We should conduct ourselves in a manner that other countries would envy and be proud of. I believe the conduct of Missouri has met that standard. I am not so certain of the conduct of the rest of the United States.

By the time you read this column, the national election may be resolved. In Missouri, we conducted our election so that our votes are tallied now, and our election is complete.

Regardless of the outcome, it's time for everyone to take a breather. When I look at many developing countries and see their internal strife and the harm it causes them, I don't understand why people continue to allow their differences to destroy them. While we in the U.S. don't have strife to that magnitude, I see political feuds dividing families. That causes me grave concern. My love of my country and my passion for politics did not just begin when I ran for election. I have been involved in politics for many years, and I have always felt strongly that we have to make our country great, more for the next generation than for our own. Breaking up families over politics does not build a better country, a better place to live, nor bring any peace and joy to us as individuals.

Locally, we are going into special session mainly to address budgetary issues. The federal government sent large sums of money back to Missouri. With that, they send certain guidelines for how that money is to be spent and accounted for. Gov. Mike Parson is taking his role very seriously and is trying to use this money to cover deficits in critical programs caused by COVID. As legislators, we must pass a budget allowing for those expenditures.

While Parson was successful in the election, I know there were certain ads suggesting he put his own interest first at times. I assure you there is not a more selfless person who always puts the welfare of the people and our government ahead of himself. He takes the allocation of money seriously. To waste it would be a crime. To give it to where it is not needed and create unreasonable expectations for the future income would not be consistent with a conservative responsible approach or anybody's approach. It would only lead to future problems. However, there are many needs in critical programs that must be addressed, and he is doing that in a responsible manner.

As to the national election, there are three branches of government. If we properly keep our separation of power, no one branch of government, regardless of who it is, should be able to totally control our government.

I think the fear of what whoever is elected might do probably should be replaced with a fear of what our elected officials will not do. Will they put the best interests of the country first, as they should, or will it be their political party or re-election?

In your prayers, ask that they be guided to do those things for the best interests of all, such as medical care, medical costs, the economy, infrastructure, jobs for those that want jobs and a skilled workforce for our businesses who need them.

I will address the bills that have been pre-filed and explain my positions on those bills in the future so that if you have opposition or advice to my positions, you will have time to voice them to me. In addition, I will assure you that while most of the bills are not that glamorous, they are what we need to do to run our government efficiently on an everyday basis and to reduce regulations where they are unnecessary or a hindrance to the efficiency of our government and our economy.

Thank you for your support. Hold me to my promise to fairly and tirelessly represent your interests and the best interests of the state and the country. As always, call and email with your questions and concerns.

State Rep. Rudy Veit, R-Jefferson City, represents Missouri's 59th District, and shares his perspective on statehouse issues twice a month.

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