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Harold H. Horstmann


Dear Editor:

I wish there was some way I could get the local print news in Jefferson City without having to subsidize the blatant in-your-face political bias of the News Tribune.

I refer to the two articles consuming two-thirds of page A5 of the 6/21/20 NT edition. The two headlines of those articles are "Trump comeback rally features empty seats, staff infections" and "Tulsa arena hosts thousands of rally amid virus fears." Both are Tulsa, Oklahoma (AP) articles, which one should know the AP is infamous for their biased and/or fake news reporting. The distortion is evident by the fact mentioned in the first article about one-third of the way through the article that six of the approximate 7,000 attendees, about .086 percent, tested positive. It was also not apparently important that media ratings for Fox News and streaming of the event were about 10 million viewers. I wonder why we've seen no two-thirds page articles disparaging the rioters, looters and killers destroying our cities "amid virus fears" and "staff infections?"

Why doesn't a 6/19/20 article by Kyle Olson: 'Zogby Poll: Majority of Voters Believe Joe Biden in 'Early Stages of Dementia' ( get any attention! A quote from the article: "Sixty percent of young voters, those aged 18-24 and 50 percent of 65 or older voters believe Biden is in cognitive decline." I can't imagine the size of the headlines if a poll came out saying that about Trump but yet every biased mainstream fake news media outlet are totally silent on this information. The fake news media being so totally in the tank for Biden seems to gladly let our nation be destroyed by the deep state swamp socialist movement which will unquestionably happen if Biden is elected! In reality, the unelected corrupt and self enriching bureaucrats will be in control and communist China and the New World Order will be reinvigorated with revitalized economic and political support leading to the death of our precious Republic.

It's time the media forget their childish hate for Trump and start thinking about the future of our constitutional republic and who will best protect us from the socialist Democrats, communists and their underwritten anarchists!

God Save America!

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