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Stan Ochsner

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

In just five months the United States will have elected its next president. Needless to say, those months will be brutal as the country has never been so divided, both parties have huge amounts of money to spend, and passions will reach the boiling point. Hatred, distortions of the truth, name calling, media bias, and likely even violence will be commonplace.

The left has worked for years to convince Americans that elections are about personalities rather than issues. LTE writers frequently proclaim their hatred of Trump, based exclusively on whatever picture the media from whom they get their "news" has painted for them. But elections are about issues, not people, not their personality, not their appearance, not their behaviors 30 years ago, not their oratorical skills, not anything other than what they will do if elected and how those policies will affect you as an American citizen.

The choice in this election will be clear. Do you support the party calling for open borders, massive tax increases on those who work in order to provide more welfare and assorted government handouts to those who do not (including people who are here illegally), slashing military spending effectively gutting our defenses, on demand abortions paid for by the taxpayers, defunding police departments, reparations for descendants of slaves, destruction and/or removal of American historical monuments, decriminalization of drugs, globalism including the re-establishment of trade agreements that devastate the American economy and force American industry overseas, government regulation of nearly every aspect of your daily life including your health care, abolishing the Second Amendment and confiscating privately owned firearms, grandiose spending on climate change and implementation of carbon taxes to further destroy American manufacturing, appointment of wildly liberal judges who will legislate from the bench with little or no regard for the Constitution?

The Democrat Party has been hijacked by the far left with the full cooperation and support of the mainstream media. Any resemblance to the Democrat Party of the past is purely coincidental. People who consider themselves to be lifelong Democrats should, more than in any election in American history, ignore personalities and study the issues facing an American culture under attack. Ask yourself what you want your country to be and make your decision based not on how you "feel" about the candidate but how his election will impact your life.

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