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Dave Kesel

Bonnots Mill

Dear Editor:

In Ayn Rand's classic novel "Atlas Shrugged," the looters (those who lived off the government) failed to understand how dependent they were on the producers (capitalists), until the producers decided to shrug. The producers gave up their businesses because the government burdened them with so many barriers that they could no longer turn a profit. The producers gave up when there was no longer any reward and workers had no incentive to work. The country spiraled into economic and social chaos. Only then did the looters realize it was the capitalists, not the government, who provided for them. Only when the food ran out and the rule of law collapsed did the looters realize how their way of living was fatally flawed. Ultimately, the looters begged the producers to get back to producing. I fear we are seeing that scenario in real life today.

Must we wait until the last of our businesses are closed to realize we need capitalism? Must we wait until the last law enforcement officers have quit to realize we need the rule of law? Must we wait until our government gives in to all the looters' demands before we realize that violence is not making things better? Must we wait until all our statues have been torn down and all our history erased to realize how great our country is?

I pray that regardless of our race or our political leanings, we all recognize how close we are to spiraling out of control. We cannot continue to be taken in by the false economics, false science, false social justice, and false sense of security that has so many in our country blindly and merrily going about their daily lives.

We must quickly become educated about what has worked and what has failed in the past. We must root out evil wherever it exists, in our own political party, our own church, our own neighborhood, or our own family.

We are a great country and we are so blessed! Our poor are richer than the average citizens of most nations. Those among us who feel oppressed are freer than most of the world. We cannot let those with evil intentions continue to distract us and divide us. We cannot give in to those who are not educated enough to understand what is happening or how to fix it. We cannot give up! We cannot shrug!

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