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Marvin and Dorothy Phillips

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

1. I was born in the most blessed country in the world. Let's keep it that way.

2. My father put fear into me at an early age and maintained it until I was grown. He taught me obedience. If I got into trouble anywhere, I was in deep trouble at home. He said what he meant and he was firm, but fair. My father was a parent, not my friend. However, he loved me so I understood his job was to raise me properly. Be a parent to your kids!

3. God made each person. God knew people would be disobedient (i.e. Adam and Eve) so He gave us the 10 Commandments. Read them, memorize them and obey them. Your life will be more joyous. Love your neighbor as you would want to be loved (The Golden Rule).

4. God created police to enforce man-made laws. With 300+ million people, laws are necessary, and the majority makes the laws. Our job is to obey the laws and you won't get into trouble. Vote!

5. Drinking alcohol and doing drugs are a pathway to trouble. Give them up!

6. Peaceful protesting ends when arson, looting and disrespect for the police begins. My advice — peaceful protesters leave the area immediately. Leave the law breakers behind so the police can take care of them as needed.

7. We are in a spiritual battle. Satan is running rampant. Good will win over evil. Join a good Bible-preaching church, read the Bible daily and you will experience a joy and peace beyond understanding.

8. President Donald Trump isn't perfect. However, he has done many good things for America. He doesn't get much credit for it because of the bias and hatred toward him. He gets things done. We could have a better country if Congress would work with him.

9. Democrat Joe Biden is not able to lead our nation. He can hardly put thoughts together and speak. It is time for him to retire from politics. He is not what America needs, nor is the Democrat Party agenda.

10. President Trump knows how to be a good parent. He has wonderful children. We need his style of leadership to make America even better than the past three-plus years.

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