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Terry Lyskowski

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Don't be fooled by a recent headline that read "Parson signs law expanding mail-in, absentee voting," (News Tribune, June 5, P. A3).

The reason to expand absentee voting is to make it easier for all citizens to vote without having to go to the polls. This bill (SB 631) does not help the very people it should: voters who have mobility issues, transportation issues, health or age issues. Republican senators know that, Mike Parson knows that. If I don't have a car or have difficulty getting around or am concerned about my health, SB631 dictates I simply have to request a mail in ballot and vote but wait! Don't mail it in yet! I must locate a notary, get myself to their office, pay a fee (usually), verify who I am with more identification than a voter registration card and mail it in.

Give me a break! The process excludes the very people it should help.

A registered voter should not have to jump through all those hoops to perform a civic duty. Data shows there is no increase in voter fraud in states that have regular mail in voting than in those that don't.

So who does this bill help? The very officials who crafted it. Who does it hurt? Citizens who are registered voters who cannot get to the polls on voting day due to various reasons.

Try to vote in spite of these barriers. Vote against this kind of nonsense and unfairness!

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