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Have you thought about purchasing a firearm to protect your family and home? You aren't alone.

As we recently reported, Jefferson City area gun/ammo shops are having a hard time keeping shelves stocked, and it's not just here. Throughout the nation, sales are soaring.

"We've sold more firearms already this year than we sold all of last year," said Jacob Laughlin, owner of Boggs Creek Inc.

USA Today and other news reports say the spike is due to the civil unrest and protests that have torn through the country after the police killing of George Floyd, a Black suspect.

President Donald Trump has mobilized federal resources to stop rioting and looting in some cities.

In St. Louis, a couple garnered praise and condemnation for pointing guns toward protesters who allegedly threatened them. They said they armed themselves because they felt threatened. A St. Louis prosecutor charged the couple with crimes, but Trump pledged to pardon them if convicted.

Here in Jefferson City, a protest occurred peacefully, with a small amount of property damage. But with daily news reports highlighting unrest, it's no surprise the people want guns to defend themselves and their families.

In many cases, peace of mind is likely the chief benefit of gun ownership. The actual odds of you saving your family's life with a gun are fairly remote.

But if you determine gun ownership is in your family's best interest, we only ask two things: Use the weapon safely and responsibly.

"I've had people come in who have never picked up a gun in their life and decided they needed to get one now," Ammo Alley owner Doug Alley said, adding demand for his business' conceal-and-carry classes has "gone through the roof."

That's a good thing.

We join Sheriff John Wheeler in recommending all gun owners get CCW permitted to learn not only about gun safety and marksmanship but knowledge of laws regarding justifiable force.

News Tribune

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