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Mike Barnhill


Dear Editor:

A report by MSNBC regarding a Wall Street editorial may shed truth on why Trump decided to assassinate Soleimani. The Wall Street reports that Trump, who seldom accepts advice from anyone, is being guided into war with Iran by "Republican Hawks on War." These so-called advisers are totally dedicated to the idea that if the Iranian hierarchy is discredited the Iranian people will overthrow their leaders. One of these chief "war hawks" is Lindsay Graham. Graham is one of Trump's major supporters in his upcoming impeachment trial. Trump does not want to lose Graham's support, so is following his advice of treating the whole of Iran as a terrorist nation.

How unfortunate that both Iran and America face the same problem. Both are led by single-minded leaders, not primarily concerned about finding peace between the people, but only fixated on proving their ideology is the answer to all their nation's problems. Both Iran and American leaders contend these following described fears are causing their combative actions. America fears Iran will be a major threat in deciding the future of the Middle East if we leave. These fears include a nuclear threat to Israel, loss of oil reserves in Saudi Arabia and perhaps the greatest fear is continued advancement of Shiite Muslim style religion. The thought of world domination by Muslims has frightened Westerners for decades.

The clerics, who really lead the people in Iran, are afraid of losing power to Western style democracy. The confusion to the Iranian people caused by religious zealots seems to be unending. Military leaders attempted a plane shot down "cover-up" just as our government attempts a "cover-up" with the eminent need to kill Soleimani.

I wonder, if Iran allowed Western reporters to ask their citizens, "What would their greatest desire for the future be?" I doubt that it would include world domination of their Shiite religion, nuclear development or even a powerful force in the Mideast. I'd like to think they may be just like us Midwesterners. A comfortable living space, a stable work environment, a chance to enjoy the growth of their family, plentiful assortment of foods, reliable medicines and healthcare.

Imagine the possible benefits to both our economies if we worked together on a peaceful answer to our differences? We might even find a way to leave the Middle East region and allow them to solve their own problems.

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