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Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

The points I make are from books I've read, personal and business experiences. Because they disagree with your views doesn't make them hogwash or lies! You disbelieve Democratic lawyers, Dershowitz and Turley, who didn't support Trump, but said he didn't commit an impeachable offense. Horowitz's report and Durham's next summer will show government corruption.

For a year, farmers urged Pelosi to pass USMCA and were ignored; instead the House concentrated on impeachment. Statistics must have identical criteria to be accurate. Example: 2018, five farmers out of 10 go bankrupt, that's 50 percent failure; 2019, five farmers out of six fail, 83.33 percent failure — a difference of over 30 percent. So, weather conditions, farming legislation in each state, natural disasters (like flooding caused by collapsed levees in Missouri) number of farms, all enter into those equations!

The $850 billion U.S. trade deficit other presidents ignored; Trump is changing with tariffs because he has business experience that politicians lack. The Wall Street Journal reported from July 2018 to June 2019, $63 billion in tariffs were collected and could reach $100 billion. Tariffs reach the U.S. Treasury, just like tax dollars! Farmers received $28 billion and December 2019, U.S. and China reached Phase One Agreement which includes Intellectual Properties, Tech Transfers, Expanding Trade, etc. (Office of U.S. Trade Representative, 12/13/2019). Trump created the best economy in 50 years!

The Renewable Fuel Associations website indicates RFS is the most successful U.S. clean fuel policy, saving costs, generating jobs, protecting the environment and "achieving objectives." The EPA gives exemptions to smaller refineries called RINs (credits) representing all or part of volume blending obligations due to economic hardships which are approved by the Department of Energy. The EPA has resisted releasing details.

Is it moral to have gender-neutral bathrooms, kill babies by abortion/infanticide, infuse young minds with LGBTQ, affairs, divorces, and economic immorality of open borders and taxpayers paying illegals healthcare, education, food, housing, crime, disease, while proposing $92 trillion in green deals, $52 trillion free health care, unknown amounts for free education/student debt, reparations, guaranteed wages, $1 trillion infrastructure and moving people affected by natural disasters etc.? — these are Democratic proposals!

You and Gerling distorted my words — you wouldn't understand the horrors of a whole community in Community Reinvestment Act foreclosures that I worked 24/7 for over 5.5 years to help those affected.

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