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Curtis Thompson

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

This letter is written in response to Mr. Reichel's LTE published on Jan. 6. He does not address any of my factual assertions I made in my Dec. 26 LTE. Mr. Reichel does not address the fact that Sweden's Medicare for All is a failed program.

Mr. Reichel's response to the fact of a scandal-ridden VA is to say its providers are on government payroll but under his scheme they would not be on government payroll. I concede that response makes no sense to me. He does not deny that the VA is the only government-run health system in this country and its horrors are well documented.

Mr. Reichel does not address why we should stop with health care. Why not let the government provide homeowners insurance, car insurance, and malpractice insurance?

He does not disclaim my examples of scandals in government, nor the question why we should rely upon government to fulfill its promises. We all recall Obama promising if we passed his program we can keep our health plans, keep our doctors, and that our premiums would be reduced by $2,500 a year, all untruths.

He also misunderstands my point about me paying premiums and copays even though I am on Medicare. Medicare is not free and neither would be Medicare for All, and neither would cover all of our health care needs. It would bankrupt the system that is already on the brink of bankruptcy.

He infers I would let 20-year-olds die for lack of Medicare for All, but that is a distraction because that does not happen today without Medicare for All. He does not explain why a 20-year-old who has paid little or no taxes should get the same coverage I have who has paid 55 years of taxes for coverage.

Instead of addressing how to pay for this system, he refers to two far left sites. The Nation endorsed socialist Bernie Sanders for president and Public Citizen kicked out its founder, Ralph Nader, for not being extreme enough. I will not rely upon either site for anything except bashing Trump and promoting higher taxes and more regulation.

It is untrue that drugs cost less in Europe and Canada. They simply subsidize the costs at a higher rate, thus tax their citizens higher too.

Say "no" to Medicare for all.

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