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Larry Russell Johnson

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Socialists claim that free enterprise systems are inefficient and wasteful. To solve these problems, socialists believe that a nation's wealth must be distributed more equally and justly by placing the major means of production in the hands of the people.

The evidence does suggest Socialism appeals to a wide variety of voters. Socialists disagree over how much wealth should be left in private hands and how to deprive the rich of their excess property.

Many socialists call for redistribution of wealth through taxation. Many Socialists believe that the government should also provide free education and medical service to everyone.

American ideas of freedom and individualism weakened the appeal of Socialism. America is the land of equal opportunity; if you want to be a loser, you're a loser. And if you want to be a winner, you're a winner.

Three reasons for rapid Socialistic growth in America: 1. too few people were able (or willing) to grasp the true nature of Socialism; 2. a diabolical propaganda campaign — unlike anything the world had ever seen before, helped win adherents and forestall potential opposition; and 3. a large part of the world press practiced a conspiracy of silence or disinformation.

The United States has basically a free enterprise system, though it has adopted many ideas and methods that have been part of Socialist programs. For example, the government regulates and controls many private businesses. It also has set up man social welfare programs to aid the needy, and a few public services are free to everyone. The government strives to maintain employment as a high a level as possible. The government also uses its strong taxing, spending and credit powers in an attempt to achieve maximum employment, production and incomes without large increases in prices. However, the United States has adopted for fewer Socialist features that have most other industrialized countries.

I do disagree with compulsory health insurance in which the law compels citizens to join a government health program. It sometimes describes a system of health care in which a government owns and operates all medical and hospital services. The government employs all health personnel, including doctors, dentists and nurses. Congress exempted themselves from the health care reform that is being considered in all of its forms.

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