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Mike Barnhill


Dear Editor:

"It ain't rightbut it's so" is a term spoken by a friend. It concerned his unmarried daughter, pregnant by her boyfriend. The boyfriend was not going to marry his daughter.

These are the right words to describe the Trump impeachment trial. A real trial consists of evidence and witnesses which weren't allowed. The whole affair should be labeled as the "Trump Inquisition" defined as "a period of prolonged questioning or investigation."

Some Democrats are giving up. Others are saying "fight fire with fire." I'll attempt to define.

Pete Buttigieg's winning the Iowa debate looks good for those that want a fresh face in politics. Didn't Democrats try this before in Jimmy Carter who wanted to "clean up the swamp" with Christian behavior? Unfortunately, he wasn't accepted in Washington, D.C., and lasted one term.

Bernie Sanders has a "socialistic title" which the average voter will confuse with "communism." This confusion will not allow him to win.

Elizabeth Warren ran a strong race in Iowa, but the Democrats tried this female approach with Hillary Clinton.

Joe Biden concentrated on winning larger states. He's fighting his son's link to the Ukraine, just like Hillary's fight with 30,000 emails.

Fighting fire with fire means one thing, bring in the "hired gun" just like the Republicans did in 2016. Trump never held a political office before winning the presidency. His TV fame, his toughness and his supposed success as a businessman placed him in the driver's seat of an inferior group of Republican presidential candidates.

The Democrats must mimic the competition, which means Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York city and a multi-billionaire. Bloomberg was mayor of a city with 8.2 million while Pete Buttigieg was mayor of a city of only 100,000. Bloomberg has had his wealth verified plus shows his income tax statements, which Trump has yet to do and probably won't. We all know Trump owns real estate like Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., and Mar-a-Lago in Florida. What we do not know is how much he owes the banks on these properties. Trump continues to make money renting rooms to foreign dignitaries and even his own political party members.

In summary, Bloomberg may not be the "perfect choice" for all Democrats, but he may be the "perfect choice" to beat Donald Trump in 2020.

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