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Curtis Thompson

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Many LTEs from Mr. Barnhill, Mr. Williams and others urge voting against Trump with accusations unsupported by the facts. I have previously challenged any of the Trump haters to point out a single violation of law cited within the impeachment articles or to justify treating executive privilege differently than other privileges, like spousal, attorney-client, doctor-patient, or priest-penitent ones. No one has been able to do so because there was no law cited that he supposedly violated and the executive privilege does exist to protect presidents, governors and attorneys general. Now I challenge them to justify voting for a Democrat when that party supports the following.

They support open borders, which would eliminate this country, and support providing health care to all coming into this country to be paid by taxpayers.

They support release of aliens who commit crimes against citizens or other aliens without referral to ICE but with the publication of the names of their victims, at least in New York and other sanctuary states.

They support allowing Iran, the world leader in terrorism, to obtain nuclear weapons, while opposing continued support to Israel, even supporting the BDS movement which would result in the effective elimination of Israel.

They support the Green New Deal, which would require the elimination of all fossil fuels and retrofitting every building in the country within 10 years. As part of that proposal, all coal, oil, and fracking would be eliminated, along with all the jobs those industries support.

They oppose First Amendment rights of anyone who disagrees with the agenda of the LBGTQ lobby.

They would support a socialist running against Trump, even though socialism caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century, because the USSR, Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Italy and Red China were all based upon socialism as their economic systems, and that most of the despots in Africa and Asia base their power by controlling the means of production of their countries.

If you do respond, please respond to my assertions and not continued diatribe against Trump. We understand you hate him and all who voted for him. You supported his impeachment, which would have prevented anyone from voting for him in 2020. As difficult as it is, I love my neighbors and my enemies as Jesus Christ instructed us to do. See Matthew 5:44.

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