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Linda Wenzlick

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Well we have the results of the "trial." In my view the House Managers made a solid case against Trump. He should have been found guilty and removed from office. We knew the latter was a steep climb but Sen. Romney and Sen. Jones showed us such courage. The rest of Republican senators failed their task. It maddens me that, as Sen. Sherrod Brown told us, Republican senators in private said the House had made its case and that they wanted Trump removed but when it came to actually casting the vote, they shrugged. These senators will be on the wrong side of history and many will see their seats overturned in November.

I saw an interview with Sen. Whitehouse discussing Mitch McConnell's "leadership." He said that McConnell rules with an iron fist. Apparently he receives large amounts of money to spread around to Republican senators for their re-election campaigns and, if these senators do what he says, they get the cash. If not, no money. I find Sen. McConnell awful and a threat to democracy. My response is to send money to his opponent, Amy McGrath, a retired air force pilot polling only 1 percent behind him.

And now Barr has told us that all investigations of any candidate running for office will have to be approved by him. How nice? The pure greed and corruption of today's Republican Party simply astounds me. Will someone please explain why all those Republican senators visited Russia last summer? And why is it okay for senators and congressmen and congresswomen to accept money from Russian oligarchs?

It's not okay to break our election laws. It's not okay to take money from foreign leaders looking to curry favors. It's not okay for Trump to use the U.S. Treasury as a piggy bank for travels for his kids and weekend jaunts to his resorts. It's not okay to redirect the refueling of overseas forces to his resorts rather than the bases where they can go for free.

More info will come out, stuff too unbelievable for words. His greed knows no bounds. Though it isn't, he's going to see the result of this impeachment as vindication. I predict he will do much worse in the coming months and we'll look back on this time as a chance missed to save our country. Heaven help us!

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