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Donovan Dean

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

How long can we continue to accept lawlessness? Not just the lawlessness from aggrieved protesters, whose assembly is protected by the Constitution, but from the privileged leaders of our country who consciously flirted with a coup.

Roy Blunt decided he would acknowledge Joe Biden as president-elect. However, he delayed this fact while cowering behind "until all legal options fail or the electoral college votes." The college voted and it is over (hear that Josh). It was shameful behavior from a so-called leader. Despite flawed reasoning devoid of precedence and facts, Blunt cowered behind this murky "until all legal" veil hoping some people might accept it as reasonable. True conservatives do not.

Although some will try to justify Blunt's craven idea of leadership there is no justification for Missouri politicians who supported Texan sedition. The Constitution is clear regarding where, when and how our president is chosen. Missouri politicians swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution and they did not. They choose to unite with a treasonous band of cowardly, donor-class elitists who believed that they could overturn the will of the electorate to protect their golden geese. Their facts, reminded me of the famous conservative question, "where's the beef?" The election was fair, the counting accurate and we should have moved on.

Conservatives must unite behind the Constitution and punish politicians who signed onto this lawsuit for being lawless traitors to the Constitution. We accept disagreement on policy, but we must never accept betrayal to their oath to the Constitution. Although blatant lying is now, an accepted abnormal on social media, it cannot be accepted by our representatives. They must be held to a higher standard of critical thinking and lead. They must quit following lies and innuendo. Missourians must vote for people, who represent you policy-wise, but who also honor their privilege as an American leader and not debase our form of government by lawlessly trying to overturn democracy.

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