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Today marks the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on our country. Those of us old enough to remember will never forget.

It happened a generation ago, and it's our collective job to make sure it's not forgotten by our current generation or future ones.

The event was over in a day, but its effects have been long-lasting. That sunny autumn day, 2,977 people were killed.

Youths today know of that day like most of us think of Pearl Harbor — a horrible day for our country, but one that has been relegated to remembrance ceremonies and history books.

In a way, they're fortunate. They've been spared the direct pain, anger and disillusionment felt by many of us who lived through the event.

But in a way, it's unfortunate. Because the more disconnected we are to historic events — good or bad — the less we care about them.

That's why the catchphrase from 9/11 is so important: Never forget.

Fortunately, patriotic organizations and individuals around Jefferson City have helped us to remember 9/11, which we now call Patriot Day, and the people who serve our country — from military members to first responders to law enforcement officers.

Patriot Sunday, held this past Sunday by Operation Bugle Boy and American Legion Post 5, is an example of one such event.

Today, as you keep in mind those 2,977 people who were killed on 9/11, also keep those who serve our country in your thoughts and prayers.

And if you have a flag, remember to fly it at half staff today — on Patriot Day — to remember those who died on Sept. 11, 2001.

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