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Phyliss Greenfield

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

This is responding to the recent letter “pets and slaves” by a person I shall not name as he knows who he is.

Many times I’ve read this person’s comments/responses to others. Surely he is writing in jest and hoping to “stir the pot.” With that said let’s reverse his thinking on this particular issue and put it in my words and world.

“A domesticated pet’s genetic and psychological nature has been manipulated through breeding.”

I can say the same of humans. Young women today don’t pick the best genetic examples (as in nature, the strongest specimen) to breed with, instead opting for those with drug/alcohol addictions, poor interpersonal relationships, etc., then they wonder what is wrong with their children. Is there a problem in the gene pool?

Good dog breeders use genetic testing to assure the bloodlines are not crossed, to do so, causing issues with health and temperament. Could this be why humans have gone off the deep end when it comes to logical thought?

I could take the rest of his paragraph following the above statement and changing words from “best friend, dog” to human and make as much sense as the author of the Aug. 28 LTE.

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