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Wanda Roam

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

The battle lines have been drawn it seems. The liberals, media and Hollywood elites have long joined forces to cement their socialist agenda. They have indoctrinated our children at the earliest age to believe lies about the evils of the founding and establishment of America. Family and faith values and patriotism have been broken down and discarded as narrow, racist and bigoted. Words and phrases are monitored and censored or considered immoral and illegal if it allows anyone to hold to or profess a free and independent thought that does not line up with the faux compassion and exclusive-inclusive speech established by those behind the curtains of the socialist think tanks. Those who grew up as Democrats are seeing their party hijacked by the extremists that their indoctrination factories have produced. When you start down a dark path, it usually becomes a lot darker a lot quicker than you really expect.

President Trump is an anomaly in the White House. Thank God! He's not the typical politician with all the years of experience at flaunting political prestige for pay to play like it has always been on both sides of the aisle. However, President Trump was an outsider who watched how the swamp operated to enrich themselves at the expense of the American citizens. He heard their lame campaign promises that he knew they could not and would not keep until he decided that he had to do something to stop the insanity and shed light on the underbelly of D.C. He saw the swamp creatures getting fat and powerful off of the waste, fraud and abuse of our tax dollars and the quid pro quo going to foreign governments to our detriment and bringing about the destruction of our rights and sovereignty as a free Republic.

Listen to the parroted phrases and accusations from one liberal media outlet to another. It's like something out of a Stepford wives movie, but this is for real. Almost half of the country is hypnotized by the lies and lapping it up like so many deceived peoples have done in history: China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. If and when they finally wake up to these lies, it may be too late. It's time for the American people to come together and support the president who is working for us and against the D.C. bureaucracy and the globalists who want to control us. Pray church!

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