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Harold H. Horstmann


Dear Editor:

I have read letters from your readers lamenting the division in our country and how everyone should get along. How can the division and political in-fighting stop when our media is so biased? One would have to be totally nave or unbelievably stupid to not realize that the media is fueling this division and capitalizing on it.

The 11/8 NT front page article "Judge fines Trump $2 million for misusing charity foundation" is an article totally intended to damage Trump's reputation like the last three years of the deep state coup attempt. Consider this article quote: "The nonprofit has distributed approximately $19 million over the past decade, including $8.25 million of the president's own money to hundreds of charitable organizations." The total of alleged misused funds quoted in the article is $284,525. Considering Trump gives his entire salary as president to charity and the $27.5 million distributed to charity by Trump and his foundation, the motivation was not to be fair about the misuse but to damage Trump wherever possible! This is fairness?

In contrast, I wonder why this 11/7/2019 article by James P. Pinkerton didn't warrant any mention in the News Tribune? "Pinkerton: Sens. Blackburn, Hawley Want 90% of Federal Jobs Out of D.C.: Drain the Swamp and Reunite the Country?" ( Quotes from the article: "Blackburn and Hawley have just proposed the HIRE Act, short for Helping Infrastructure Restore the Economy." "Specifically, the two lawmakers want to move ten cabinet departments out of D.C. Thus the Department of Transportation would go to Michigan, the Department of Housing and Urban Development would go to Ohio, the Department of Veterans Affairs would go to South Carolina, and so on. And yes, the Department of Education would go to Blackburn's home state of Tennessee, and the Department of Agriculture would go to Hawley's Missouri."

The bias is obvious. It's much more important to politically damage Trump with front page news than to promote a Republican initiative which would help achieve Trump's pledge to "drain the swamp" and at the same time help Missouri!

Until this blatant media political bias stops and professional impartial journalism is restored to our news services then our nation cannot be united by civil discourse.

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