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Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

It's easy to delineate between listeners of Fox News, library users and mainstream media listeners, who never have negative words about Democrats or positive words about Trump. Even when ISIS's top two leaders were killed, Al Baghdadi was called an austere religious leader, not an extreme torturer, killer of thousands and rapist. No, Pelosi's advanced notification took precedence over Special Forces Teams safety and tells everything about Democrats feelings of our military.

The money collected from Chinese tariffs went to farmers and brought the Chinese to make a $50 billion agreement with Trump to purchase farming produce. Other tariffs resulted in a trade agreement (USMCA) benefiting Canada, Mexico and the US that's sat on Pelosi's desk for a year! Threatening tariffs caused Mexico to put 27,000 soldiers on their borders minimizing more illegal entry into our country. Naive people thought Mexico would pay for the wall with a check and not good trade agreements negotiated by Trump. Those tariffs are killing the Iranian and North Korean economy so why stop them?

The Iran agreement (an American money-pit) allowed Iran to continue producing uranium and dictate what nuclear sites could be inspected. Removal from the Paris Climate Accord hoax saved Americans $100 billion a year since restrictions on the greatest polluters were non-existent. The Dems existential threat isn't China, Iran, North Korea or Russia but climate change — not cured using private jets, installing solar panels/wind turbines thus removing acres of trees/plants that convert carbon dioxide!

Democrats began Trump's presidency showing him beheaded, threatening White House destruction, kidnapping and raping his son, white powder mailed to his son's homes and called him every name in the book. Calling Hillary a crook is telling the truth and Warren "Pocahontas" is actually funny! Our allies are in awe of Trump's economy, the best in the world!

The Department of Justice said Trump's call to Ukraine about the 2016 election wasn't criminal and allowed by treaties. Biden wasn't a candidate then! The DNC & Hillary paid Ukrainians to tie Manafort's help electing a pro-Russian Ukrainian to destroy Trump's campaign and start the Russian hoax leading to the Mueller investigation. Pending lawsuits should overturn some convictions on exculpatory evidence being withheld. Democrats, scared of the Horowitz and Durham reports, started this impeachment hoax to sway public opinion for the 2020 election.

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