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Dear Editor:

My last submission stated the strong case this president suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. Anyone who has studied his actions and statements should not have any issues with my statement.

However, let's examine the elements. As for an "inflated view of self-importance," his repeated claims of a great mind, knowing more than the generals, essentially knowing more than everybody about everything are revealing. He doesn't read reports and daily intelligence and security briefs because, as he declares, he knows more and has a better "gut." His claim during the campaign that, "Only I can fix this" affirms my premise. An African proverb seems applicable, "A wise man never knows all. Only a fool knows everything."

As for, "a deep need for excessive attention and admiration," just ask General Mattis, John Kelly, Rex Tillerson and Kirstjen Neilsen, who dared to forcefully challenge him. Remember the Cabinet meeting in which everyone in round-robin fashion declared their admiration and subservience, essentially giving the oath of loyalty demanded. Like good sycophants, each assured Trump of their complete obeisance. This was not a Cabinet meeting but a bowing to their "master." It should have been embarrassing to each that this was how they received their ticket to serve.

As for troubled relationships, Ivana Trump was replaced after an affair with Marla Maples, who was eventually replaced by Melania. Further, it can be inferred these marriages were not enough for a man who has been accused by 19 women since the 1980s of sexual harassment, sexual assault and groping. And then there are Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. Any objective observer can perceive Trump has problems with permanent relationships.

As for a lack of empathy, anyone who would demand children be separated from parents as policy and doesn't address the possible need for an eventual reunion at some point demonstrably lacks any empathy. In January 2019, the administration admitted that thousands more children than the previously reported 2,737 were separated with no plans to reunite. This is a humanitarian abomination.

As for the reluctance of people to be around him. It is well documented by many that when Trump is on a tear about his wall, the press or some perceived slight; White House staff flee from being around him and do what they can to avoid his rage.

Only Donald is the center of this man's universe.

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